Welcome to BromA

Are you looking for an ArmA 3 community without strict signup procedures and members who get mad at video games far too easily? Look no further. We aim to play on scheduled evenings (GMT) and strive towards realism and immersion in our sessions. What, don’t you like to pretend you’re a soldier?

With players from all over the world, we are easy on newbies as long as you ask questions when confused, and try your best to learn the ropes of the game.


Operating with us is easy:

Buy the game

BromA uses ArmA 3 to carry its operations.

We recommend either Steam or the BI Store.

Install the mods

We use the Steam Workshop to distribute our mods. Grab our Preset and get started.

Check out this guide if you have any trouble.


Join our Steam group and stay tuned for events and other announcements; and of course our Teamspeak server.

Need some extra assistance? Join the group chat. Seriously, don't be shy.

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What's going on

BromA, Guerillas of Liberation and Facepunch Arma will be having a large joint TvT event. … [ more ]


1.0 Our great quest ist to catch or resque some arabs. Dunno. … [ more ]


This training session has been organized as a means to increase unit performance in as many combat situations as is possible, a “battle drill”, if you may, though rules in this situation will be more lax and general than that of average battle drills.

… [ more ]

Latest screenshots
>mfw I have no face 20160325193357_1 20160323193800_1 107410_screenshots_2016-02-17_00001 U.S. Army Assaulting Bastogne

About BromA

With the intention of setting itself apart from other mil-sim communities which rely on suffocating rules and sensitive moderation, few unsatisfied users from the 4chan imageboards decided to get together and start a group; based on common sense, where players could be united by their like-mindedness rather than an oppressive set of rules and filling out admittance forms. BromA was born.

Since then the years have brought us through countless operations and missions – some successful, some not so much – but the original spirit remains the same to this very day: autism and hatred for any kind of personal enjoyment, available to all.

“BromA: No Fun Allowed since 2010″