Operating with us is easy:

Buy the game

BromA uses ArmA 3 to carry its operations.

We recommend either Steam or the BI Store.

Install the mods

We use the Steam Workshop to distribute our mods. Grab our Preset and get started.

Check out this guide if you have any trouble.


Join our Steam group and stay tuned for events and other announcements; and of course our Teamspeak server.

Need some extra assistance? Join the group chat. Seriously, don't be shy.

Banned players

This is the list of the people who fucked up hard enough to get banned in this group – seriously, that’s an achievement.

Player Banned from Ban duration Reason
Nollix Steam chat -17516 day(s) and 20 hour(s) Being American, a furry, friends with Grim and acting like a really obnoxious /pol/ le redpiller. IT’S HAPPENING THE JEWS ARE SHUTTING THE TRUTH DOWN etc
Saxony Steam chat/In-game -1184 day(s) and 20 hour(s) Stealing the mission’s escape plan and crashing it on a nearby air control tower which resulted in over a million americans being triggered and general tragedy. Also some pretty cool fireballs but fuck off either way.