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/broma3g/ Joint Ops – It’s happening.


So for the past week there has been some talk around the wire about joint operations between both BromA and /a3g/, discussing how it would be exciting as stimulating your prostate with an uranium rod and most likely be the final nail in the coffin for both communities – we figured it sounded wonderful and immediately rounded the admins from both group in order to discuss how to effectively get the shit-flinging started as soon as possible.

Joint Ops will be happening on the 31st of May in the year of our lord 2014, Saturday. So cancel any plans of going out with your girlfriend or having a good time with your many IRL friends and schedule some free couple hours to get yelled at by autistic men-children who alternate between stuttering orders and asking their moms to clean the piss-bottle.

Although nothing is yet set in stone, we have agreed upon little-to-no content packs and prioritizing the essential gameplay enhancers, with the possibility of using the A3MP being likely as well since most of us have it downloaded already.

Since it’s very probable we’ll be using /a3g/’s server, slots are reserved to a maximum of 40 people so far, and on the next Saturday(24th) we’ll let people call dibs on their preferred slots.


Other than that, we’re still setting up the finer details like missions so more on that to follow, but of course you’re all free to help andAHAHAHAHA yeah, OK. Just remember:




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