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Joint Ops Platoon Roster


And so after a pretty fun and somewhat not-terrible stress test, we have settled our mission on Crusty‘s server – but while we wait until our mission makers finish their ops, here’s a few particular details on how it’s going to go down:

We will balance the mission for 50 slots, trying to divide roles between /a3g/ and BromA as much as possible: that means it’s first come first serve gents. You don’t have to reserve roles for a rifleman slot or something similar, but if you are planning on Squad Leading or being a Pilot, it would be good to call out your interest for it.

If you are interested on a certain role, just make a post on the Steam forums ( /a3g/ one ) stating your In-Game Name and Desired Role. It should be noted that we will scramble teams as necessary in order to avoid cliques.



======== COMMAND ========

Commanding Officer : Royal

RTO / 2ic : LeakyCanoe
Medic: NASA
JTAC: Mike


======== ALPHA TEAM ========

Squad Leader : McDiddles

Fireteam 1 Leader: Croguy
Rifleman/Grenadier: Godwins
Assistant AT Specialist: FREESLOT
AT Specialist: FREESLOT

Fireteam 2 Leader: Asian
Rifleman/Grenadier: FatNinja
Assistant Machinegunner: Nerves
Machinegunner: Stab

Corpsman: Derpycobra


======== BRAVO TEAM ========

Squad Leader: Nife

Fireteam 1 Leader: SonixApache
Rifleman/Grenadier: Sauce Jockey
Assistant AT Specialist:  Ithenos
AT Specialist: Paulie

Fireteam 2 Leader: NamJew
Rifleman/Grenadier: Gabe
Assistant Machinegunner: FREESLOT
Machinegunner: QuiZno

Corpsman: Nathan


======== CHARLIE TEAM ========

Squad Leader: Death Mittens

Fireteam 1 Leader: FREESLOT
Rifleman/Grenadier: TheCoss
Assistant AT Specialist: FREESLOT
AT Specialist: Robert

Fireteam 2 Leader: Galilbro
Rifleman/Grenadier: Teejay
Assistant Machinegunner: Corvaillian
Machinegunner: Bober

Corpsman: Winnfried


======== DELTA TEAM ========

Squad Leader: Rookzero

Fireteam 1 Leader: Hero_swe
Rifleman/Grenadier: Knite
Assistant AT Specialist: FREESLOT
AT Specialist: Selynr

Fireteam 2 Leader: Duck
Rifleman/Grenadier: Nelson Mandela
Assistant Machinegunner: FREESLOT
Machinegunner: HopeJ

Corpsman: dogmode


======== WEAPONS TEAM ========

Squad Leader: Chiefrocker
Weapons 1: Billy Herrington
Weapons 2:  Haklex
Weapons 3: omgtaylorswift


======== PILOTS ========

CAS Pilot: Draxel

Transport Pilot: Greem
Transport Co-pilot: Kerri

Medevac Pilot 1: Sven
Medevac Pilot 2: Sjdeany
Medevac Assistant 1: Furious George
Medevac Assistant 2: Clever

Fixed-wing: SpaceHog / A-10 Wipeout
Medevac: MH-9
Transport: Mohawk / Ghosthawk

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