Operating with us is easy:

Buy the game

BromA uses ArmA 3 to carry its operations.

We recommend either Steam or the BI Store.

Install the mods

We use the Steam Workshop to distribute our mods. Grab our Preset and get started.

Check out this guide if you have any trouble.


Join our Steam group and stay tuned for events and other announcements; and of course our Teamspeak server.

Need some extra assistance? Join the group chat. Seriously, don't be shy.

Back on track!


Server up? Check! Website up? Check! Operations? Check!

Alright folks, everything is back up and running, the Arma 2 server is running aswell as the Arma 3 server and we’ve returned to our normal operations schedule. For those of you who joined during another BromA crisis, our operations schedule is as follows:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Arma2 Arma3 Arma2 Arma3 Arma2 Arma2 Arma3

This is our normal schedule, in case of an event or something like that it might change so keep an eye on the Steam group event page. All the guides and repositories have been remade aswell, so yeah, all gool in the hood.

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