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>mfw I have no face 20160325193357_1 20160323193800_1 107410_screenshots_2016-02-17_00001 U.S. Army Assaulting Bastogne More Mortars Mortars da boys Bren Gunner WE ARE ONE AND THE SAME Da Team Flyan Pilots Heroes the Pilot Jagger the Father of Lies Rescued Parachuting into Moderate Rebels Covering UNDER DA SEA ISIS Detected Stammy Break Battle Buddy Edge Rare Sighting of Hipster NCO comfy bridge BOOKIN' IT Protecting Refugee Shipment to Europe Blue-Helmets in natural environment UN Chillin' NEUROSURGEONS AND CLOCK-MAKERS BENEATH THE Double Hipster ALREADY ONE SKIN WE ARE Blackwater PMC setting up base of fire. Taking a Nap Watching Preparing to get Wrecked Chernarus Memories BROTHER Future Grenade Casualties Hiding from the wibbly bangy load and shooty. THE FIRE RISES [MUFFLED ALLAHU AKBAR IN DISTANCE] SOVIET TEAMWORK INCOMING COMRADES Hanging with the Boyz Onwards Tovarisch Commander Sneki Viktor Falls Off Soviet APC Crew - Takistan yourhurtingmebaby Hkqv2NH jWBtSNs 2015-09-05_00002 2015-09-07_00003 2015-09-07_00001 2015-09-05_00006 107410_2015-09-07_00001 DAVAI BromA Tankers At Work DA TOVARISCH seensomeshit falklandsnever4get 107410_2015-09-05_00006 107410_2015-09-05_00007 107410_2015-09-05_00004 Jono gives no fucks and runs towards the explosion! "I could take the shot", said Zozamex as he was overwatching friendlies Everybody was confused until the mortars hit... A-10 doing a donger close run on the target building 107410_2015-08-31_00001 AT-4 firing on a Russian APC Explosion! After six fucking RPG shots, we finally got it. MMG Rolling Out MMG Overwatch Nigel Shot This Shit Down Pathetic Convey 107410_2015-08-29_00001 2015-08-26_00009 Cruggy riding shotgun Five minutes before getting fucked by a HIND Re-Organizing after Retreat Surveying Town MMG Preparing to Assault croguy reflecting upon his life after being rescued fuckingshitup CANTWAKEUP apcteam kiltedreadytofuckshitup HEYKIDLETMEIN was it worth it slavasfuck a true leader stupid sexy chiefrocker overwatch burning rip Kilted takes a nap. 107410_2015-08-22_00016 107410_2015-08-21_00004 107410_2015-08-22_00008 thinkin of lyf Mosque sighted. Call in demolitions, Chedaki controlled "czechpoint" Get a load of this guy As Royal scans the enemy compound for targets 2015-08-19_00024 potato q broma 2015-08-19_00063 2015-08-19_00062 2015-08-19_00055 2015-08-19_00049 2015-08-19_00036 2015-08-19_00014 6 5 4 3 2015-06-17_00001 2015-06-12_00008 2015-06-03_00007 2015-05-29_00003 2015-05-27_00001 2015-05-23_00003 54b89c313f 2015-05-16_00010 2015-05-17_00002 2015-05-19_00001 2015-05-20_00007 2015-05-22_00003 2015-05-22_00004 69e244c3bc 2015-05-02_00004 2015-05-02_00010 2015-05-02_00011 2015-05-16_00001 2015-05-15_00005 2015-05-16_00004 2015-05-16_00010 2015-05-16_00007 2015-05-16_00009 some gay shit by royal some gay shit by royal convenient Fire dancers Why you don't kill everyone at the end of an OP Warriors Waiting Waiting 3 Waiting 2 Too Many Cooks Strekek Rolling Big Red Mile Professionals Observations Nife tending to his pipes Massacre Massacre 1 Lost and Alone Long ket Into the unkown Inbound How to greet in BromA Corner Camping American Pride A hard day Voodoo magic Surfan slav dank RIP What can possibly go wrong Royally fucked Guerilla briefing How to get on the NSA watchlist How to secure the VIP The danger zone A typical broma landing Never forget Spooky soldier Nice Hat Sole Survivors Team Advance Overwatch Riding Home Trench Sunset Target That Parachute Bunker Defense Snow Watch Everyone Aboard Just Chillin' "I want to go home" Some Just Don't Mind Too Late Now Helping The Wounded Time To Go Home Never Forget Night Time Briefing Lone Command Commandos On The Go German Artillery Lost In The Blizzard "North, maybe?" Flammenwerfer Omaha? Ambush Is Set Concealed For Fire Wondering Getting Comfy Hiding From Halftracks "Fire on my command" DAS IT MANE Potty Trained Operator Les Partisans Let's Get This Shit Started Stay Alert Onwards To The Objective Not Your Ride Into Colleville Barnyard Assault Snow Charge Sitting By The Fire It Shrecks Panzers arma2oa 2014-06-01 20-16-12-416 arma2oa 2014-06-01 20-12-46-648 Sneaking up on the checkpoint Getting eyes on Flares in our Eyes Ambush fire upon the Checkpoint Clearing USSR Checkpoint Stacking up to defend Americans commandeer a KORD One Soldier brings the wrong BDU to the party Dash to Ditches Bounding tree to tree Squad Leader scopes out area Heavy fire avoiding lean Spot the soldier Rapid fire to cover advance Medic seeing to a wounded trooper Wounded taken from front line M60 letting her fly 2 LAT used to hold back soviets Picking off Soviets Waiting for victory confirmation Victory Fire Tank Battle The Zone Just a bunch of french girls God always wins Even my commander's a hipster Briefin' Leaving Pick up Tank Party We Wait Shitastic 360spooky420me 1 BAD IDEA COMIN' UP United Nice Legs Didgerido Nife Be advised Interogation Fedora Tactical Operation Splish Splash Churchy Church Wreck it Line battle Preach it sister HeliBuddies Pacifying the fuck out of Aliabad All in a day's work. Final Stand Vietnam Wedge Formation MrChainsaw Utes  Spetnaz ThousandYardStare The Snowman [I44] The Old Gang The Airborne [I44] Stack Up Spetnaz Sunset Sahrani RPG Line Battle Paradropping Loaf Old Winter Units Nomads Marksman Special Snowflake Der Juden Buster Airborne Ambush I44 Good'ol Days Evac ArmA 3 Alpha Brits Briefing2 Briefing Bike Patrol Arma3 Beach Party [Alpha] Arma 3 [Alpha] The Prince and the Gat The Troubles Family Reunion Queens bodyguards The Prince is dead! Warcrimes v2 Do you even thermobaric? Diddles PTSD Face Afghan Heroes War Crimes Reporter Chainsaw Waiting for Command broma Red Mile Simkas Having fun in the park The Finger Robby doing recon Bus Stop Nomads #ThousandYardStare #Feels v2 What are you looking at? #Aviators (⌐■_■) The MSO experience Oisin Nife Gbroderix Game of Gulf Ending Hero_Swe Britdrop Survivors checkthosecorners #Feels farne Commander Wronglets v2 Commander Wronglets just chillin Jesus fucking christ